Why Do I Need Whitening?

Posted on March 11, 2018

Teeth Whitening

It is not uncommon to find a discoloration of the enamel. Actually, hundreds of thousands of people have permanent stains, marks and signs on their teeth, which could be due to wear and tear. This might not be a result of poor hygiene because many patients with outstanding and excellent dental health and hygiene can experience stained or colored teeth too. There are more than a thousand factors which can contribute to the discoloration of the enamel.

Over time, the teeth begin to show signs of their actual age. They either turn to a pale yellow color (especially if you smoke), can lose their strength more easily, and can become stained as a result of food and drink colorings. For many people, teeth discoloration is something they are not bold enough to reveal, consequently, and are too shy to fix it. Of course, it can ruin a very attractive smile and may even destroy an individual’s self-confidence.

Why do I need whitening?

Teeth whitening was usually only common among movie stars and celebrities, however, times have changed and resource has become more available. Due to technological advances, the idea of teeth whitening has been made available to all and sundry and with less money than you would have expected.

There are quite a number of reasons you might want to whiten your teeth. Some may include the following:

  • You want a brighter smile We all know a white set of teeth might make all the difference in our appearance.
  • Eliminate embarrassing stains Aging teeth might make you become self-conscious of your smile.
  • You want to change your appearance Teeth whitening is a much cheaper process than the other cosmetic procedures like Botox and facelifts.
  • To create a uniform appearance Some people only have spots on the top or bottom of the teeth and want them to all have the same color.

Is it worth it to whiten your teeth?

As earlier stated, there are several reasons people decide to whiten their teeth. A whitened teeth could be all you need to boost your self-confidence, ego, or appearance. It could be just what you need to change your job or even request for a raise. Whatsoever the reason to whiten your teeth, make sure you are comfortable with it.

What types of whitening are there?


This is whitening or stain removal on the enamel (or the outer region of the tooth) and it’s called extrinsic whitening. This could be the remains of stains acquired through smoking, drinking wine, coffee or tea and is usually removed by a hygienist or dentist with a dental cleaner, polisher, or whitening toothpaste.


This is a more complex procedure and requires a more professional method. It must be decided by your consultant or dentist. It isn’t done using just a whitening toothpaste or polish; a bleaching process has to be undergone.

How to decide which you need.

Deciding which method you need depends on if your teeth are intrinsically discolored or if you are only dealing with stains from substances like drugs, wine or smoking.

If you have a discoloration that is extrinsic, then simple but professional teeth cleaning would do, otherwise, it has to be a little more complex.