At Clear Lake City Dentistry, part of our comprehensive exam is to screen for the need of orthodontic evaluation as early as age of 7. Since every patient is different, there is not a specific age to start orthodontic treatment, but early treatment in some cases can make significant improvements that can not be made later.

´╗┐Orthodontics treatment is most effective when done at the appropriate time in terms of patient growth and development. However, any individual can be benefit to orthodontic treatment, age is not a factor.

Why does your doctor suggest Orthodontic treatment?


Dental braces, whether metal or clear, are functional and work efficiently for treating complex tooth issues. Braces can be expected to work faster at closing gaps and aligning teeth than clear alginers.

Benefit of Braces:

  • More complex cases
  • Moving misaligned teeth within a relatively short period.
  • Correct malocclusion (crooked or crowed teeth)
  • Correct abnormal bites

Clear Aligners - Sure Smile

The benefits of clear aligners treatment go far beyond the cosmetics and the convenience, in many situations clear aligner therapy is a far better treatment option.

Most people are great candidates for this treatment:

  • Closes gaps between teeth
  • Rotates teeth for proper alignment
  • Intrudes or pushes teeth in for smile harmony
  • Widens out narrow arches for a full, bright smile

Clear Aligner treatment can achieve proper alignment while being minimally visible compared to traditional braces. Dr. Hoang can recommend treatment via a series of custom fitted, clear plastic alignment trays that are worn over the teeth. To accomplish this, we scan your teeth and sends it to a lab for fabrication. The laboratory then generates a set of progressive trays that slowly move your teeth into the correct position over time, a new tray is swapped in at regular intervals until the desired alignment is reached. Once treatment is completed,your teeth will be in better alignment and your smile will be improved.

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